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2007 Soil and Water Conservation Society - Soil Quality Workshop

"Soil Quality: the Foundation for Natural Resource Quality"


Carole Jett
USDA NRCS, Washington, DC

Jett, Carole - Carole Jett is a USDA/NRCS nationally recognized Soil and Water conservation expert and administrator. She currently is the NRCS National Farm bill Coordinator working in the Office of the Chief with primary responsibility for conservation program policy. Previously, she was Associate Deputy Chief for Programs; the NRCS point for the implementation of the Conservation Title of the 2002 Farm Bill; and served on assignment as Congressional Staff with the House Agricultural Committee in 1999. Carole began her career with the Soil Conservation Service in 1975 as a student trainee. She has served with distinction within NRCS as State Conservationist in Michigan, State Soil Scientist in California, and Soil Survey Party Leader in Nevada. A native of Reno, Nevada, she received a BS degree in Soil Science from the University of Nevada, and completed post-graduate work with a major emphasis in Hydrology and Range Science. She has received three USDA Honor Awards:  one in 2004 for implementation of the 2002 Farm Bill; one for streamlining government in 1999, and one for Distinguished Performance in 1995. She was awarded the US EPA Silver Medal in 1999.